Neighbourhood Plan

Overview of the Neighbourhood Plan

Holme Valley Parish Council has set up a Steering Group to do the work needed to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the Valley. This, with the Kirklees Local Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework, will control new building and land use for the next 15 years. The Plan cannot contradict the Local Plan, but can add detail so any new buildings reflect the Valley’s characteristics.

The Steering Group wants to hear what Valley residents think about where they live to make sure that the Plan represents their priorities and aspirations.

The Neighbourhood Plan will cover the whole of the Holme Valley as defined by the Parish Council boundaries (Click here for a map). The Plan must define the characteristics of the area and reflect local people’s views on how they wish their area to develop.

The Steering Group will therefore be:
  • Gathering your views
  • Proposing options
  • Publishing a draft Plan
  • Asking you to vote on the Plan
  • Presenting the Plan to Kirklees for adoption
Provided the Plan complies with national requirements and Kirklees’ Local Plan, it will be approved by the Government’s Planning Inspector. The Plan will then become part of the Kirklees Local Plan and, with National Planning Policy Framework, must be taken into account when the Council makes decisions on planning applications.

If you would like to understand more about how the Neighbourhood Plan can influence the future of the Valley, please comment on our draft Issues and Options document (click here to see a copy). This sets out the issues we think are facing the Valley, what we hope to achieve in the future and how planning policies will help us deliver our objectives. This document will be revised based on your feedback and the responses to our initial questionnaire.

September 2017 - The Results of the Early Consultation Exercise are in

 The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has been busy reading and analysing the results of the 475 consultation questionnaires completed during the summer. All the answers given have been read and categorised according to key themes so we have been able to identify the overall views of the community. We are very grateful to all those who gave their views on the future of the valley and it was clear that residents truly value the beautiful environment and strong community in our area. We are now pleased to be able to publish the results which include both graphs of the data and a selection of quotes from the answers. The summary results document is available here.

We have reviewed these results alongside our draft Issues and Options document (click here to see a copy). This document sets out the issues we think are facing the Valley, what we hope to achieve in the future and how planning policies will help us deliver our objectives. We are now working with our professional planning consultant to use both the results from the questionnaires and comments on our Issues and Options document to create a first draft of our Neighbourhood Plan. This will propose planning policies to help us address the issues raised by the community through the consultation process so it represents the priorities and aspirations of residents across the Holme Valley.

We will be working on the draft Neighbourhood Plan until the end of this year when we will then publish a draft plan for further comments by the community.


 June 2018 – Draft Plan open for Public Consultation

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is delighted to have published its draft Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for public consultation from 11th June – 27th July 2018. We have worked hard over recent months to pull together our extensive research, technical and planning advice and the results of the public consultation we held in summer 2017 to create our first Draft Plan (Draft Full Plan for Public Consultation). It sets out the key planning issues identified through the public consultation and proposes draft planning policies for addressing these issues. The NDP outlines a vision and nine objectives for the future in the valley and then proposes 16 planning policies to help deliver development which meets local needs and aspirations.

Every household and business in the valley should receive a ‘Your Valley Your Voice’ summary booklet outlining the vision, objectives and proposed planning policies over the next few weeks. We are seeking your views on whether these reflect what you want our future to be and ask you to complete our questionnaire available at

We need to know if the Draft NDP covers the main issues for Holme Valley, and if there is anything important that we have missed. In particular we need to know your thoughts about the emerging draft planning policies – will they help to guide new development in a positive way so that changes are sensitive to Holme Valley’s distinctive historic character and landscape?

The questionnaire will help capture your views and responses will inform the final version of the NDP. Once we have updated the NDP, it will be published for 6 weeks’ formal consultation when it will be reviewed by Kirklees and other statutory bodies. It will then be considered by an inspector later in 2018 and after that, you will decide on whether you support its adoption by voting in a referendum in 2019.

Our questionnaire is available on and asks your views on the proposed vision, 9 objectives and each of the 16 planning policies. It also seeks your advice on any areas you think should be protected by Local Green Space designation and your priorities for the expenditure of the money we will receive from developers through the Community Infrastructure Levy.

Hard copies of the summary booklet containing the questionnaire for completion and the full Draft Plan will be available for viewing in Holmfirth and Honley libraries and in the Holme Valley Parish Council offices at Holmfirth Civic Hall. Public consultation lasts from 11th June until 27th July 2018.

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