Parish Council Precept

Published: 12 March 2019


On 4th February, Full Council agreed to raise the level of precept for the

coming year to allow the Parish Council to continue its support for much

valued community assets in the Holme Valley.  After a freeze last year, the

precept will be raised by £5 to £27.50 per year on a Band D household.

This level of precept will allow the Parish Council to continue its range

of grants for community groups and events throughout the year as well as

provide significant grant support for larger assets including Holmfirth

Civic Hall and Honley Library. 


In recent years, the Parish Council has taken on assets from Kirklees

including Holmfirth public toilets, Holmfirth Civic Hall and shortly,

Honley Library.  Councillors agreed that ongoing support was vital for the

ongoing success of these community buildings and alongside Kirklees’

cessation of the Council Tax Support Grant, worth nearly £20,000 per year,

the precept needed to increase.  Chair, Cllr Di Hall, said “We recognised

the growing role of the Parish Council in protecting our valued Valley

assets and after much discussion, we decided that an increase of 10 pence

per week was required to support this.  Precept money is raised locally and

spent locally so it really benefits our community.”