Blog: Cllr Sarah Whitelaw - Upper Holme Valley

Published: 20 March 2024

"As Ward Councillors, representing a particular area in the Holme Valley Parish, we try to get out into our community and talk to people there about their priorities and issues. On occasions, this involves going to very pleasant events in order to meet people in social situations.

I'm a Councillor for the Upper Holme Valley Ward and on the evening of Saturday the 24th of February my partner John and I went to the Holme Village Winter Feast, held in the old Sunday School. This is an annual event, organised primarily by the Residents' Association with Mary and Ken Walker leading the entertainments.

It was an absolute pleasure to be there and be welcomed by everybody. The evening involved wonderful performances by children and adults alike, and an excellent spread provided by everybody in attendance, the "bring a dish" idea worked extremely well.

Highlights were the dancing by young people and a take-off of the TV show Traitors, with Mary as Claudia Winkleman. !!

It was really lovely to see everybody enjoying themselves so much and a real testament to what collective community activity can achieve.

I was delighted to be invited and will certainly attend any other Holme and other Valley events if I can."