Holme Valley Parish Council

Welcome to Holme Valley Parish Council


1. An Election is to be held of a Parish Councillor for the Honley Central & East Ward of the said Council.

2. Nomination Papers must be delivered to Electoral Services (High Street Entrance), 3-5 Albion Street, Huddersfield HD1 2NG. Close of Nominations is 4:00pm on Wednesday 29th March 2017 at the above address.

3. Forms of Nomination Paper may be obtained from Electoral Services (High Street Entrance), 3-5 Albion Street, Huddersfield HD1 2NG who will, at the request of any local government elector for the said ward, prepare a nomination paper for signature.

4. If the Election is contested, the poll will take place on 27th April 2017.

5. Electors and their Proxies should take note that any new applications for postal votes or changes to existing postal or proxy applications must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Electoral Services, 3-5 Albion Street, Huddersfield HD1 2NG by 5.00 p.m. on Monday 10th April 2017. The last date for new proxy applications is 5:00 pm on Wednesday 19th April 2017.

6. Applications to vote by emergency proxy at this election on the grounds of physical incapacity or for work/service reasons must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Electoral Services, High Street Buildings (High Street Entrance) 3-5 Albion Street, Huddersfield HD1 2NG by 5:00pm on Polling Day. The physical incapacity must have occurred after 5:00pm on Wednesday 19th April 2017. To apply on the grounds of work/service, the person must have become aware that they cannot go to the polling station in person after 5:00pm on Wednesday 19th April 2017.

(Signed) Jacqui Gedman
Returning Officer

DATED this 21st day of March 2017
Published and printed by Kirklees Metropolitan Council

For further information on the timetable for receipt of nomination papers, please see below:
Nomination Timetable
Honley Central East Ward By-Election timetable
High Street Buildings Map


Notice is hereby given that the Annual Parish Meeting will be held at Council Chamber, Council Offices, 49-51 Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth, HD9 3JP on Monday, 27 March 2017 at 7pm.

All Members of the public are welcome to attend and all local electors are entitled to speak.

Cllr Jason Brook

Dog Waste Management Strategy

At the Service Provision Committee meeting held on 6 March 2017 a Dog Waste Management Strategy was agreed.  Details can be found here.

What is the Council?

Holme Valley Parish Council is the first tier of local government covering the administrative area of the Holme Valley.  It serves a population of nearly 30,000 in the towns and villages of Holmfirth, Honley, Brockholes, Cinderhills, Hade Edge, Hepworth, Hinchliffe Mill, Holmbridge, Holme, Jackson Bridge, Netherthong, New Mill, Scholes, Thongsbridge, Upperthong and Wooldale.

For a map of the Civil Parish area, click here

As Holme Valley Parish Council covers quite a large civil parish, it is divided into parish wards, with separate elections for each ward.  Councillors are elected representatives, often living in the village or locality they represent.

The Council’s main aim is to improve the quality of life of the residents of the Holme Valley.  It works in partnership with many organisations to promote the Valley to make it a thriving place to live, work and play in, as well as an attractive area to visit.

For details of the current councillors and the committees on which they serve, please click here

The Council strives to:

♦ Represent and consult the residents of the Holme Valley on developments in the Valley including the formulation of a Neighbourhood Plan and the district authority’s Local Plan.
♦ Support and encourage local events and community organisations through providing financial grants and assistance.
♦ Manage and sustain community facilities, including the minibus service, the public toilets in the centre of Holmfirth, red phone box libraries/information points, public seats and stone bus shelters, a closed churchyard and allotments.



After the decision by Kirklees Cabinet to allow Holme Valley Parish Council to own the freehold of Holmfirth Civic Hall, the Parish Council has formally agreed to proceed with the asset transfer and legal negotiations are now being pursued.

The Parish Council has also set in motion the process of setting up and supporting a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) to manage the business and day to day running of the asset. The Parish Council will be responsible for the building and any initial cost implications, until the CIO is a functioning body that can apply for its own grants.

The Parish Council’s Community Asset Safeguarding Committee recently surveyed residents within the Valley to ask if they would be willing to pay more precept than previously, to save the Civic Hall from closing. The surveys came back with a very positive approach to this, with some even suggesting £25 per household as being acceptable.

At a recent meeting, and after much debate, agreement was reached to increase the precept by a small amount per household (£10 per year for a Council Tax Band D property). This will secure monies for the initial costs for the community to run the Civic Hall and to carry out any immediate repairs, but it will also allow the Parish Council to support other groups and organisations which may be considering asset transfers of community buildings in the Valley.

Depending on the success of the community in running these assets and any other devolved services the Parish Council and its community agree to take on, the Parish Council hopes to be in a position, in years to come, to reduce the precept again.

The Parish Council’s vision is for the Civic Hall to become a successful community hub; it will continue to support the community, to help these buildings to become self-sustainable, run by the community, for the community.

Contact Us

The Council is committed to engaging with the community and we welcome your views on issues affecting the Valley.  If you have a specific concern, please either contact your Ward Councillor or the Clerk who is available (by appointment) in person in the Council Chamber in Holmfirth from 10am to 3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  For further details on how to contact us click here

Holme Valley Land Charity

Holme Valley Parish Council is the sole corporate Trustee of the Holme Valley Land Charity, so the councillors are all part of the Land Charity, as Members of the Trustee.  However, the Land Charity is a separate charitable organisation and totally independent from the Parish Council.  For further details and contact information for the Land Charity, please click here to visit the Land Charity’s website