Holme Valley Parish Council Climate Emergency Standing Committee

After declaring a Climate Emergency on 25th March 2019 and agreeing to publish an action plan in six months, Holme Valley Parish Council established a Climate Emergency Action Plan Working Group tasked with producing a draft action plan for the Council. This action plan was approved by the Council in October 2019. The Council then authorised the creation of a new Standing Committee, - the Climate Emergency Committee, - to oversee the development and practical implementation of the Holme Valley Climate Emergency Action Plan.
Holme Valley Parish Council has now published its Climate Emergency Action Plan. The Action Plan lays out our goals with regard to managing the Climate Emergency and encourages local people to get involved in any small way they can to start to make a difference.  
You will be able to find booklets of the Plan throughout the Holme Valley including: 
  • Holmfirth Civic Hall 
  • Holmfirth Library
  • Honley Library
  • Holmfirth Co-op Supermarket
  • Fairtrader
  • Read bookshop
  • Holmfirth Tech 


Alternatively, you can contact the Parish Council for paper copies of the booklet, or we can email you a FULL HD digital copy of the plan. The version on the website is lower quality than the published digital version. 


 If you want to get involved, get in contact with the Parish Council. 

Climate Emergency Committee Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes

Meetings are normally held at 1900hrs in Holmfirth Civic Hall unless stated differently below.

Full Council    Planning Committee     Finance & Management Committee    Staffing Committee
Publications & Communications Committee     Service Provision Committee  

15 Mar 21

19:00 to 21:30