Parish Council Grants

Holme Valley Parish Council makes reasonable budget provision for the award of grants. In the current financial year (2021-22) £20,000 is available through the Council’s Finance & Management Committee towards community projects, events and festivals. The same Committee also oversees a pot of £53,000 for Other Community Assets which gives grants out to fund developments or repairs of physical assets like community buildings and facilities, as well as to pay for things like equipment. Additionally, the Finance Committee supports funding for buildings and services that have been transferred from Kirklees Council to the Parish like the Civic Hall, Holmfirth public toilets and soon (though it's dragging...) to include Honley Library.  Further funds are available through the Council’s Service Provision Committee towards Christmas provision, youth facilities, war memorials, CCTV, defibrillators and activities or projects relating to transport. 

The Council can only award grants using certain legal powers. Specific powers allow the Council to provide funding for specific activities or projects which Members feel will be of benefit to the Holme Valley, - e.g. grants to a sport club, for a music festival or towards community celebrations of special events (such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee supported by the Council in 2012 and the Tour de France in 2014) and World War 1 commemorations (2018-19).

Where no other power is available, the Council may decide to use its power under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972, to award a grant where it feels that to do so will benefit some or all of its residents or some or all of the area. The critical words are "some" or "all" – in both cases. This means that grants where the activity would not obviously benefit the Holme Valley are problematic – however worthy Members of the Council may feel the project to be.

The Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer are happy to advise on which category grant applications will fall into but we have simplified the process by having one application form for all and one set of criteria. All grant applications are considered by the appropriate Committee having been assessed by the RFO. The applications and any supporting documentation ( in this current year) must be received at least 10 days before a meeting to allow the Clerk to check that the relevant grants criteria has been met. Next financial year,  from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 the grant applications will be considered only at two occasions during the year, September and February, so that they can be assessed against each other for relative merit. However, the Parish Council would consider applications that are urgent outside of this cycle. 

In July 2020, the Parish Council introduced a new form for "Expressions of Interest in Future Funding Opportunities"to give community asset and community service projects a way of highlighting to the Council their projects' future development plans and the associated funding required to deliver those plans. This will allow the Council to have a clearer, longer term picture of its own financial planning needs with regard to support for key community projects.




Honley Parish Church Organ Fund (£1000) September

Holmfirth Christmas Lights (£500) September
Hepworth Brass Band (£1000) March 
Honley Christmas Lights (£1000) July

Honley Youth Club (£1000) July 

Thongsbridge Cricket Club (£12,000) June

Holmbridge Church Clock  



Holme Valley (Holmfirth) Scouts (£720) January

Honley Village CommunityTrust (£1000) January

Honley Cricket Club (£500) January 

River Holme Connections (£1000) January 

Holmfirth Festival of Folk (£1000)

Honley Feast (£1000) September

Holmfirth Arts Festival (£500)

G and D Enterprise (Bench) (£800)

Honley Youth Club (£1000) September

Holmfirth Film Festival   

Thongsbridge Cricket Club (£3000) October 2018
Honley Cricket Club (£1000) November 2018
Honley Christmas Lights (£1000) November

Various grants of £100 to £300for WWI commemorations  (£500 total)