Planning Committee

The Planning Committee deals with all planning issues, including scrutinising all planning applications relevant to the Holme Valley and making advisory comments to Kirklees Council, the planning authority. The Committee has delegated authority allowing it to make such comments immediately, without waiting for full Council approval. When reviewing planning applications and making its recommendations to Kirklees Council, the Parish Council has to consider material planning considerations.

It should be noted that whilst Kirklees planning officers do consider the Parish Council’s comments carefully, the Parish Council is not a statutory consultee and, as such, its views are not always supported. It is consulted and comments on planning strategies developed by Kirklees Council, the Peak District National Park Authority, and neighbouring authorities, and any other Central Government publication relevant to planning matters.

The Parish Council is currently developing a Neighbourhood Plan following approval for the whole of the Holme valley as a Neighbourhood Plan Designated Area by Kirklees Council and the Peak District National Park Authority. The Parish Council has appointed a Steering Group to oversee the process which includes parish councillors and representatives from a wide range of community organisations across the Valley. More information about the Neighbourhood plan is available on our specific Neighbourhood planning page.

Click here to view the Council’s Policy on Signs in or adjacent to Conservation Areas
The Parish Council has recently commented on the draft Kirklees Local Plan and a link to the comment can be found here
As part of the Upper Holme Valley is in the Peak District, here is a link to that Authority’s website:

Planning Committee Meeting Dates, Agendas & Minutes

Meetings are held on Monday evenings at Holmfirth Civic Hall and normally start at 19.00 unless otherwise specified below.

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