Neighbourhood Plan

Welcome to our Neighbourhood Planning Page!

Here you will find information about the development of our Holme Valley Neighbourhood Development Plan and the ‘Regulation 14’ consultation process about the Plan which finished on 15th September 2019. The Steering Group is currently reviewing in detail all the responses received via this consultation and considering how best to update the Plan accordingly. It has been meeting with Kirklees Council officials to discuss their comments on the plan in detail and we will be publishing our updated plan to reflect all the consultation feedback early in 2020.

What is the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)?
The NDP gives local people more say in how developments should take place in the Holme Valley, and once adopted it will result in more money being available for community projects within the Holme Valley. The Steering Group of parish councillors and community group representatives has developed this plan from extensive research, community consultation and specialist expertise. We have sought public input throughout its development, most recently seeking locals’ views on our proposed vision, objectives and planning policies by sending every household a booklet about the NDP called ‘Your Valley, Your Voice’ in summer 2018. For more information on the plan’s development, consultation phases and overall process, please look at the ‘Background Information’ document below.

What is the current Regulation 14 consultation phase?
We are publishing our first formal Draft NDP for public consultation and consideration by various statutory bodies. It is accompanied by a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) which consists of an Environmental Report and a Non-Technical Summary. This independent report was commissioned from AECOM in Spring 2019. The consultation is open from 15th July until 15th September 2019. We are asking for suggestions to further improve our proposed planning policies and if overall, consultees support the future adoption of the NDP. We are also asking for any comments on the Strategic Environmental Assessment.

How do I take part in the consultation?
The consultation is open from 15th July – 15th September 2019.
The Draft NDP and associated documents are all on this website. The simplest way to provide feedback is through our on-line questionnaire which is available at: For any queries, please contact us at

How is the Regulation 14 Draft Plan different from the 2018 version?
Feedback in 2018 gave overwhelming support for the Neighbourhood Plan and we were delighted that all the policies were resoundingly endorsed. However, we still made a number of changes to the Draft Plan having reviewed all our policies and updated them to reflect the feedback received from the public and Kirklees.

The key changes are:

  •  We retained all the important themes and key elements of the policies but rationalised them from 16 to 13 policies to avoid duplication and ensure that they were all mutually compatible. 
  • Wording of all policies was clarified to reduce ambiguity.
  • Up to date references to the Kirklees Local Plan and its wider policies such as on biodiversity were added. 
  • We created a separate public realm policy and brought the economic elements of the night time economy, tourism and businesses under one policy.
  • We combined two policies, recognising the relationships between transport, accessibility and local infrastructure. 
  • We also moved our ‘shopfront and advertisements design guidance’, which was previously provided as an appendix, into a specific policy to strengthen its content.
  • We reviewed all the suggestions for local green spaces and short-listed four sites which did not already benefit from other forms of protection. Some of the proposals were already protected as a result of being in the Green Belt, identified by Kirklees as an Urban Green Space or covered by a wider Trees and Woodland Strategy or having some other status like Cliff Recreation Ground which is a ‘Field in Trust’. 

Additionally, we commissioned a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to help us improve how the plan supports the sustainability of our natural, historic and social environment in the Holme Valley.

Background Information about the Neighbourhood Plan 
Map of NDP Designated Area