Neighbourhood Plan

Here you will find information about the development of our Holme Valley Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) which is currently being reviewed by an Independent Planning Examiner, Peter Biggers. Mr Biggers is considering the NDP alongside its Basic Conditions Statement, which explains how the NDP policies relate to national and local planning policies, and a Consultation Statement, which outlines how we have engaged with local people throughout the process. He is also able to review all the supporting evidence and information and he has provided a series of questions to Holme Valley Parish Council, Kirklees Council and the Peak District National Park. We are working on our responses and these will be shared with the Examiner before he issues his report.

All the key documents throughout the Plan’s development can be found on this page.

We undertook our Regulation 14 Consultation in summer 2019 and the Steering Group considered all the responses in detail before updating the Plan to its Submission version. We also had additional discussions with Kirklees Council and the Peak District National Park Authority before finalising the NDP ready for consideration by the Parish Council. The Parish Council approved the NDP and accompanying documents at the Full Council meeting on 29th June 2020 and the documents were formally submitted to Kirklees Council and the Peak District National Park Authority on 6th July 2020. The Submission version of the NDP and accompanying documents are those published in the Regulation 16 consultation, which was undertaken by Kirklees Council from 8th December 2020 until 2nd February 2021. Mr Biggers was appointed as the Independent Planning Examiner in March 2021.

What is the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)?

The NDP gives local people more say in how developments should take place in the Holme Valley, and once adopted it will result in more money being available for community projects within the Holme Valley. The Steering Group of parish councillors and community group representatives has developed this plan from extensive research, community consultation and specialist expertise. We have sought public input throughout its development, with informal consultation in 2017 and again in 2018 when we sent every household a summary booklet outlining the proposed vision, objectives and policies NDP called ‘Your Valley, Your Voice’. This was followed by our formal Regulation 14 consultation in 2019.

For more information on the plan’s development, consultation phases and overall process, please look at the ‘Background Information’ document below.

What stage is the Plan at?

The Submission draft plan was shared again with Kirklees Council and the Peak District National Park Authority in April 2020 and following their feedback, some additional updates were made by the Steering Group. The final submission version was approved by the Parish Council on 29th June 2020. It was formally submitted to Kirklees Council and the Peak District National Park Authority on 6th July 2020 and following approval that it met its legal requirements, they are then publishing it again for a further Regulation 16 consultation running for 8 weeks from 8th December 2020 until 2nd February 2021. Following this, the Plan will be considered by an Independent Planning Examiner in the New Year and then progress (with any modifications recommended by the Examiner) to a public referendum during 2021.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, progressing through to referendum has been delayed slightly as regulations linked to the Coronavirus Act 2020 mean that no referendum can take place until 6 May 2021. Whilst this is later than our intended aim to hold a referendum by the end of 2020, now we have submitted the plan, its consideration by the Examiner and the inclusion of any modifications proposed can continue in the meantime.

How is the Submission Plan different from the Regulation 14 version?

We read and analysed all the responses we received from individuals, community groups, statutory bodies and developers and details of our responses are given in the Regulation 14 Consultation Tables below. We also considered the advice of the independent Strategic Environmental Assessment report we had commissioned from AECOM and the discussions we had with Kirklees officers about their specific queries.

As a result, all the NDP policies were reviewed and refined to make wording clearer and easier to interpret. The sustainability policy was amended to form two policies with a separate policy focused on protecting wildlife and securing biodiversity net gain so we increased the policies from 13 to 14. This was informed by the guidance given in the Strategic Environmental Assessment which had recommended strengthening the plan to maximise positive effects by including policy commitments to the ‘biodiversity net gain’ principle.

The references to the technical evidence base and community consultations were revised, to include quotes from the public consultations and further detail about relevant Kirklees Local Plan and PDNPA policies. Overall, we revised the wording with more graphics or photographic images added to aid understanding. The Climate Change emergency was reflected throughout the document and up to date detail was provided on the Holmfirth Town Centre Access plan and current community activities. We also updated the Local Green Space maps for the Hade Edge Gateway Triangle & Scholes Sandygate Fields sites and provided clearer justifications for each site to align more clearly with the National Planning Policy Framework requirements.


Background Information about the Neighbourhood Plan 
Map of NDP Designated Area