Defibrillator - Hinchliffe Mill

Published: 03 December 2018

Hinchliffe Mill is the latest location in the Holme Valley to receive a Defibrillator thanks to a request from Hinchliffe Mill Parent Teachers Association. Headteacher, Rebecca Townsend, applied for two grants to cover the cost. The Holme Valley Community First Responders contributed 50% with funds kindly donated by the Holme Valley Memorial League of Friends and the other 50% was granted by the Holme Valley Parish Council via a grant application to the Finance and Management committee.

Rebecca had two occasions where she had to call the emergency service for her own family bringing to her attention there were no defibrillators in Hinchliffe Mill. She set about resolving this along with the PTA to improve the situation for the school and the community.

Following meetings with Bill O’Brien of The Holme Valley Community First Responders it was agreed to locate the Defibrillator in a central location in Hinchliffe Mill that would be easy to find for all the community including the school.

Electrician, Gary Culverwell who lives in Hinchliffe Mill kindly agreed to fit the Defibrillator at no cost including donating a new separate circuit breaker after being approached by long friend Parish Councillor, Tim Walshaw.

The Defibrillator is now up and working can be found at The Corn Loft Guest House,146 Woodhead Road, Hinchliffe, HD9 2NL. Parish Councillors, Kath and Trevor Bellamy run and own The Corn Loft Guest House and kindly agreed to allow the Defibrillator to be fitted at this central location. The Corn Loft Guest House will supply the electricity for free.

Thank you to all those involved!