Holme Valley South Emergency Hardship Fund

Published: 11 May 2020

An Emergency Hardship Fund has been set up to support residents of the Holme Valley South Ward who have an immediate financial need as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic. Specifically, the grant is aimed at those who find themselves unable to cover basic necessities, such as food, heating, housing, or childcare, that cannot otherwise be addressed by the existing benefits system or the various Covid-19 government support packages. The intention of the fund is to provide a temporary financial stop-gap whilst the applicant addresses their financial situation, and is not intended to provide a long term solution to financial hardship.

This is not a means-tested grant. All residents living in the Holme Valley South council ward are eligible to apply. 

Find out about the Holme Valley South Emergency Hardship Fund.  

You can also donate to the Hardship Fund through the web link.