Holme Valley Neighbourhood Development Plan formally submitted to Local Planning Authorities

Published: 14 July 2020

The Parish Council is pleased to announced that following approval by Full Council on 29th June, we have submitted the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) to Kirklees Council and Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) this week. This is a key step towards local people having more influence in planning decisions within the Valley by highlighting our community’s priorities through a robust and clear vision and planning policies specifically for the Holme Valley.

The Plan is now out of our hands whilst Kirklees and the Peak District (PDNPA) publish the plan for its Regulation 16 consultation and then submit it to an Independent Examiner who will consider the NDP (& supporting documents), any additional submissions by Kirklees, the PDNPA and any further consultation views. The Examiner will decide if the NDP meets the required basic conditions and if any modifications need to be made before going to referendum.

In line with Coronavirus regulations, a public referendum cannot be held until May 2021, when residents of the Holme Valley can vote to support the plan. If more than 50% of those who vote, vote in favour, it will be formally ‘made’ (adopted) by Kirklees Council and the PDNPA and used thereafter to inform planning decisions in the Holme Valley.

The Parish Council would like to thank the hard work of the Steering Group of parish councillors and unpaid community group representatives who have coordinated the development of the plan including extensive public consultation since the Group started in April 2016.