Roadworks causing disruption to central Holmfirth for 5 weeks

Published: 15 January 2021

From the 11th of January 2021 for 5 weeks there will be a scheme to replace the old metallic gas pipes in Holmfirth on Huddersfield Road. We and the council have chosen January as the quietest trading time for businesses. The main that is due to be replaced has a replacement end date of April 2021. There is also another section of gas main that is close to the fire station that has been causing issues with leaks and disrupting Holmfirth intermittently for some time. Due to the size of this main we have lobbied for this to be done straight after the works near to businesses to avoid further emergency works and more disruption to Holmfirth. Once I have duration for the works near the fire station I will update you all on this.

Phase One- The existing main 3-way lights in the town centre will be replaced with temporary 3-way lights. These will be manned 7am until 7pm and an extra operative will be on site to assist with the flow of traffic and to make sure pedestrians can safely use the temporary pedestrian crossings.

Phase Two- Once we are at a safe distance from the existing 3 way lights, we will change the traffic management to 2-way lights, these will be manned 7am until 7pm and an additional operative will remain on site.

All business that are affected by the works will be visited by myself once the second lockdown lifts. Each business will be entitled to loss of business and will be offered a pack for claiming compensation for any loss of profit caused by our works.

All schools and high schools in the local area have been made aware of the works and the primary schools have been given a virtual play safe presentation.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

For up to date information: Work in your area | Northern Gas Networks