Casual Vacancy - Honley South

Published: 24 August 2022


· Are you interested in serving the community?

· Would you like to play an important part in deciding what happens in the Holme Valley?

· Are you keen to ensure that the Holme Valley is well represented on local issues and that it continues to be a thriving place to live?

· Would you like to have a say in how to improve services, or whether to press Kirklees Council to spend more in the Valley or even to consider allowing the Parish Council to take over providing some services in the Holme Valley?

If you are involved in your local community and passionate about the Valley, you may be just the person the Holme Valley Parish Council needs. We are looking for someone who is keen to make a difference and who is enthusiastic, hard-working and able to discuss issues in a considered way. You do not need to be allied to a political party, although you may choose to be so, if you wish.

A vacancy has arisen for a Ward Councillor and, as a request for an election has not been received, the Council is able to make arrangements to co-opt to the vacancy. Applications are therefore invited to fill this vacancy and it will be up to serving Councillors to fill this vacancy by selecting one of the candidates to join the Council.

Councillors normally serve a term of office of four years but, as the next elections are due to be held in May 2023, whoever is co-opted to the Council now will only serve until then before deciding whether to stand for re-election.

Why become a Parish Councillor? Being a Parish Councillor is a great opportunity to help shape the future of the valley and it can be very fulfilling and rewarding to contribute towards the community. However, it is not a paid role. Parish Councillors act in a voluntary capacity and are not paid any personal or meeting allowances.

What does the Parish Council do? Current projects include working to establish a Covid Memorial, and working in partnership with other organisations to save valued buildings and services within the community. Amongst other things, we subsidise the local Holme Valley Minibus services, help fund improvements to facilities in the Valley and provide bus shelters, a public toilet and public seats in the area. We also award grants to varied community-led projects and support local events. Scrutinising planning applications and making advisory comments to Kirklees Council is also an important element of a Councillor’s work. Parish Councillors exist to serve local people, so Councillors will try to help with any problems in their own particular ward. Whilst you will represent the Honley South ward, you will be involved in all elements of Council business throughout the Valley and you can choose which Committees you wish to become part of. There are meetings of various Committees most Monday evenings, but you can decide how much time to spend on your role. As ever, the more you put in, the more you get out of being a Parish Councillor!

If you think you are interested in being a Councillor, what do you have to do? There are some rules you need to know about:

Do you live or work in the Holme Valley? To be eligible to become a Parish Councillor, you must be over 18 years old and have a local connection in that

· You must be a local government elector for the Holme Valley


For the last 12 months:

· You must own or tenant land or other premises in the area OR

· You must work in the Holme Valley OR

· You must live in the Holme Valley OR

· You must live within 3 miles of the Holme Valley.

If you think you would like to help your community in this way, please apply by letter of around one side of A4, referring to

- your eligibility for the role;

- your reasons for applying and your suitability for this role;

- your address and contact details.

This can be emailed or posted to the Clerk to the Council, Holme Valley Parish Council, at the address below, to be received in the offices by noon on Monday 19 September 2022.

Be prepared to come to the Council meeting on Monday 3 October 2022, to speak to the Council for a few minutes about yourself, to let Members know why you would like to stand for the Council.

Prior to the Council meeting, the Officer of the Council, the Clerk, will check if you are eligible to serve, i.e. that you meet the necessary qualifications above. All letters received will then be considered by the Council during the October meeting, and Councillors will then decide who they wish to nominate and support for this vacancy. To be co-opted, a person has to be proposed and seconded by a serving Councillor. The decision who to co-opt must be taken by the serving Councillors with a majority vote.

Jen McIntosh (Mrs)


Holme Valley Parish Council

The Civic, Huddersfield Road

Holmfirth HD9 3AS

Tel: 01484 687460.



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