Climate Emergency Standing Committee

Published: 12 December 2019

Following the Parish Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency, the Council has now established a Climate Emergency Standing Committee to co-ordinate the implementation of the Holme Valley Climate Emergency Action Plan.

The inaugural meeting of the Standing Committee took place 10th December 2019 and was well-attended by both Councillors and members of the Holme Valley public.

Cllr Paul Davies was elected Chairman, and he welcomed a number of members of the public who were co-opted onto the Standing Committee. The Committee thus represents a continuation of the tremendous partnership-working between the Council, community groups and the general public, already evident in the successful publication of the Climate Emergency Action Plan.

Leaders were identified for sub-groups tasked with overseeing work on specific themes of the Action Plan. Opportunities will certainly be there for others to get involved too, so get in contact with the Parish Council if you want to participate.

The Climate Emergency Standing Committee has its own page on the Parish Council website where you can download the Climate Emergency Action Plan, read the minutes of meetings, and find out how to get involved.